The Outreach Allocation Group meet a couple of times a year    to discuss and allocate funds received from the Church Council.  We are always pleased to received a referral from a member of the congregation and friends of the church.  Where possible we endeavour to accommodate every recommendation.  Cheques and covering letters are sent out in the summertime and   receipts are logged.  Throughout the year regular articles and publicity of projects are placed in the Contact Magazine and on our notice board. We try to support a mix of groups locally and abroad with some feedback of what the money is going   towards.




Methodist Ministers Housing Society                              

The Methodist Church Fund for Property                         

The Fund for the Support of Presbyters and Deacons  

Friends of Ludhiana                                                          

Youth Cancer Trust Appeal                                              

Tools for Self Reliance                                                     

Methodist Homes for the Aged                                       

Coping With Chaos                                                         

Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust                      


Friends of Matthew Rusike Children’s Home                          

Christian Hospital Herbertpur                                          

Mission Alongside the Poor                                              

Bournemouth Churches Housing Association

Fistula Hospital                                                                           

World Church Fund                                                  


Serenity Addiction Council                                              


Copa Feeding Programme